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5Ally based on the non-reproduction of relationships of domination

"Within emancipated populations, some people have decided to unite their powers to act with others, to not reproduce relationships of domination"

Shared observations and working assumptions :

 Individual and collective emancipation is not enough to combat relationships of domination and change society. It is collective solidarity actions that result from the decisions of committed people who contribute to this.

 The alliance is experienced between people from different backgrounds and groups who have taken various paths in life, but who all share the will to make the commitment to change society together. The actors of an alliance thus constitute a mixed group.

 Each person must have become aware of the behaviours and relationships of domination to build an alliance. A condition for conducting collective solidarity actions is embodied in the non-reproduction of these relationships.

 It is important to differentiate between alliances and partnerships. In a partnership, the emphasis is on the actions to carry out, and resources to carry this action are sought. An alliance is collaboration based on a shared vision.

An example of activities/actions : The International Solidarity Pépinière of FdH in France !

"We would like to see more and more socio-economic solidarity spaces where people gather, whatever their path in life may have been. The roots of the International Solidarity Pépinière spring from this intention. Collective action is at the heart here as well : each actor, the volunteer "tuteurs", employees, and donors plays their role to allow the "Pépin" to implement a solidarity project in direct connection with the populations abroad. This is what makes our proposal to the "Pépin" rich : experiencing the alliance of their own power to act with that of the populations committed to solidarity collectives abroad."

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