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The participatory video

The people’s video

A participatory video means that a group of people or a community participate in the design and creation of their own film. It is the final product of a process of co-production of knowledge and action-research with the community itself.

Why include the community in the design of a film ?

Because participants can shape the issues according to their own vision and priorities and control how they are represented. It allows the collective to take action to solve their problems and/or communicate their needs and ideas to decision-makers and/or other groups and communities. The participatory video offers the opportunity for citizens to tell their own stories and share experiences, values and behaviours that seek more humane and sustainable development

The final product of this process can be a fictional video novel, i.e. a fiction based on real events, or a report type with interviews and reporter’s voice-over.

Strength of this tool

  • The audiovisual tool is universal, inclusive, impactful. In general, visual or audio messages are more attractive, but it is also more accessible to people who do not read or write much.
  • Participants learn, are informed and disseminate.
  • After the process, participants are aware that they can disseminate news, alarm about a situation, report an event by recording it with their mobile phone and sending it via Facebook or WhatsApp.
  • Empowerment tool, participants see themselves as agents of change.
  • It shows that "audio-visual" is not only for the elite, that it is not so complicated to learn how to handle a camera and make a video. Making reports or documentaries is also for the people. And now with mobile phones, it is much more accessible.

The complete sheet with the key steps for making a participative video and all the information to get started can be downloaded here or from the top right hand corner :