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Election without candidate

This method of voting is aimed at all those who wish to find an alternative method of appointment in their groups or organisations. This method makes it possible to base the election on other criteria (personality, character traits, etc.) than those usually valued (being a good speaker, being convincing, etc.).

The animation takes place in the following way :

 The facilitator describes the method in as much detail as possible, and ensures that everyone agrees to the use of this decision-making method.

 The facilitator describes the position to be filled and the tasks related to this position in as much detail as possible, as well as the duties, constraints and time needed to perform these tasks. Everyone can ask questions.

 The facilitator announces that declarations of candidacy are not allowed. He/she hands out a ballot paper with two lines :
my name is ...... and I vote for ......

 The facilitator then counts the ballots one by one, getting everyone to explain their choice.

 The rules are : speak positively, speak in "I", do not make comparisons. The person can then express goodwill and recognition for the chosen candidate. Each candidate is thus highlighted for his or her qualities and talents. The other people are asked not to react.

 The facilitator suggests to those who have chosen a minority candidate to transfer their vote to one of the candidates with a chance of winning. This is of course optional, as each person can make their own choice.

 If the candidate does not volunteer, anyone is again asked to make a proposal from among the other candidates. If all do not accept the position, the size of the position may need to be reviewed and roles and responsibilities redefined.

The animation lasts about one hour, and is not recommended for groups of more than 20 people.

Election without candidate
Auteur(s) : Frères des Hommes