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The target of Social Transformation

Social transformation is one of the utmost priorities of the Former pour Transformer collective. However, one cannot dictate the transformation of social relations, it’s only a horizon for our actions, and the process of implementing those actions is as important as the result.
The "Target of Social transformation" tool enables us to collectively reflect on the contribution of our actions to this transformation, in a simple and interesting way.

The initial tool was devised by Secours Catholique and has since then been adapted by Frères des Hommes to be as relevant as possible to the six priorities of the Former pour transformer collective. This tool can be used during team meetings, review or capitalization workshops, training sessions etc.
To analyze how one action contributes to social transformation, one must answer six questions by giving each of them a score from 1 to 5 (1 meaning that we are still a long way from this objective and 5 that we’ve achieved it) :
  Does this approach stem from individuals expressing their desires and concerns ?
  Is this approach designed to empower individuals and the group as a whole ?
  Does this approach involve vulnerable individuals as well as other local players and groups present in the area ?
  Is this vision shared by the group ?
  Does this approach involve experimenting with alternatives for social change in the area (changing social relationships) ?
  Does this approach have an impact in terms of social change on individuals, on the community they belong to and on the region ?
This approach allows us to easily identify how our actions contribute to social transformation, and the areas in which we can still improve. Our aim is to get closer to the center of the target !

The target of Social Transformation
The target of Social Transformation
Auteur(s) : Frères des Hommes