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The codes - images

The codes-images make it possible to address, in a metaphorical and illustrated way, complex elements linked to situations of domination and issues of social transformation experienced by the participants.

Context of the tool :

The use of codes-images started at MPP as part of the formation of farmers’ groups from the beginning of the organisation’s history in 1979.

At the time, the aim was to be able to offer several reflection materials to farmers in a context where access to literacy was very limited.

Subsequently, the use of the codes was maintained because it corresponds to the philosophy of the MPP, which encourages the use of popular education tools.

Today there are about 10 codes, which are tools that are used during training with farmers’ groups.

They provide a metaphorical and illustrated approach to the fundamental elements that encourage the desire to form a collective.

Two examples of codes :

Code 1: Strength in numbers; overthrowing relations of domination by union

Code MPP 2

Code 2: The alliance of different people is the key


  Facilitate understanding/reflection around a theme
 Makes it easier for everyone to speak because everyone can interpret an image.
 Propose in image/symbol form lived realities in order to read them in a different way/to take a step back.

Time for the activity

 Between 30 and 40 min because everyone must be able to understand, this is the purpose of a meeting around one or more codes.

Author(s) : MPP