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The knowledge match

The knowledge match is an exercise that allows participants to test their mastery of a module, in teams, against each other.

How to use

To carry out this activity, a minimum of 6 participants is required. It is important that learners have attended at least one day of training beforehand.

This method can be used in any training and at any time. It is relevant before the final evaluation periods as it forces participants to review what has been seen in order to answer any questions from their peers.

The trainer will play the role of referee, but can also ask a participant to play this role if they have previously prepared.

The process (the steps, the sequence and the role of each)

1. Two groups ask each other questions
2. Each question can score 2 points
3. When a question is asked, the group that has to answer has 30 seconds to think
Rule: one person in the group can only answer once, all documents must be asked, the facilitator is the referee.

Form The Knowledge match

Knowledge matches have several advantages:
 To encourage direct appropriation/assimilation of knowledge by the participants, as it is they who ask the questions and write the answers that they feel are important in the module in question;
 To encourage a collective learning dynamic: it is within the groups that the participants prepare the questions and it is in the group that they answer them;
 Stimulate collective learning.

Author(s) : MPP