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The koutchicheo is a method of self-assessment of knowledge which is done in pairs and which allows a collective revision of a subject and a clear idea of the knowledge and possible difficulties of understanding of the participants.

How to use it
The trainer creates pairs who will ask each other questions related to the training.

The trainer will have prepared a list of questions/items in advance that allow for the repetition of important information conveyed during the training or difficult points.

It is not a question of trapping the participants in the training, but of collectively reviewing its content.

This method can be used for all courses and at any time during the course.
The process (the steps, the sequence and the role of each)
 Forming pairs of training participants
 The trainer asks the participants questions and the members of the pairs try to answer within their pair and then in front of the whole group with an agreed answer.
 The trainer supplements the participants’ answers if necessary to reinforce the assimilation of the training content.

Objectives :
The Koutchicheo allows you to :
 to collectively review a training topic,
 practice speaking in front of the audience,
 for the trainer to have a clear idea of the participants’ knowledge and possible difficulties in understanding.


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