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Supporting a capitalisation

Method : how to support a capitalisation process as an enabler.

To support a capitalisation process, we can suggest some steps. These steps have been tested in various organisations. We will use UGPM as an example.

As a first step, the enabler may suggest that a team complete the Terms of Reference (TOR) as a starting point for capitalisation. It is important to keep the general context of the capitalisation in mind, as well as the objectives, contributors and beneficiaries. It is also advisable to establish a process, an agenda and a budget before starting the capitalisation.
For more details, we invite you to download this file

Capitalization TOR

After completing its Terms of Reference (TOR), UGPM launched a capitalisation about the solidarity calabashes, a collective and supportive savings system.

The second step for UGPM was to identify an issue to work on together. During a workshop with five representatives of UGPM groups, they agreed on this topic : the sharing of good practices (weaknesses and strengths) to optimise the management of solidarity calabashes and funding techniques and strategies.

The third step began when the UGPM enablers initiated the gathering of information from the different groups. Then, they planned a moment to share the experiences, where each group could express problems, strengths and weaknesses in relation to the solidarity calabashes. The team also interviewed five beneficiaries of the solidarity calabashes to gather their testimonies.

The final step was to condense all these findings into a common document, an overview that UGPM could easily distribute. This document was presented and discussed in a meeting with the calabashes managers, beneficiaries and key enablers to agree on the conclusions.

To listen to Adama’s presentation on this support in more detail, you can check out this video. Don’t forget to enable English subtitles by clicking on this icon :