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Feedback on training practice

This one-page questionnaire allows any trainer to take a moment to review, analyse and document their practice.
Beyond that, these completed questionnaires allow us to value training practices with other people, to give each other advice & to share with peers.

Name of the module :

You can situate it : Facilitation ? Animation ? Training ?


Did you feel sufficiently prepared ?

Your state of mind in these moments of preparation :

Educational construction

Were the facilitation methods adapted ? To the objectives of the group, to the profiles of the participants ?

Which educational tools did you find particularly relevant ?

Did this time meet the expectations of those present (content, teaching methods and tools, etc.) ?

Did it meet the objectives of social transformation ? In what way ?

Feelings in the face-to-face meeting

How did you feel about this (these) face-to-face time ?

Did you encounter any difficulties ? At what kind of moments (group refocusing, instruction launch, workshop facilitation, plenary input....)

Are you satisfied with the regulatory frameworks that were in place ?

To share

A tip (way of doing, way of being) that you have done well and that could be shared with others ?

Objectives : Self-analysis of a training session

Practical use : On an individual basis, after the facilitation of a key session

Time : less than 30min

Auteur(s) : Frères des Hommes