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Conducting interviews

How to conduct interviews as part of a capitalisation process ?

Capitalising is transforming experience into shareable knowledge. It is therefore very useful to interview people with different roles. In the case of a collective action - i.e. one that brings several groups together - it is paramount to interview people from all the different groups.

In a capitalisation project, interviews are an important tool. They make it possible to gather a large amount of information about an activity. Above all, interviews can definitely help understand feelings, personal experiences and opinions about the specific capitalisation.
In the ppt below, the ’Récasé’ project (Duhamic-ADRI and Adenya) gives you some useful tips before starting your own interview for a capitalisation.

Set-up for interviews

This presentation was part of a 2022 capitalisation about collective actions within the ’Récasé’ project - Rwanda.