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Processes for the structuring into collectives

« Structuring into collectives to gain power of action » is at the heart of the political vision for social transformation of the Former pour Transformer (Train to Transform) collective.

Based on the experiences of APEF, CENCA and UGPM, this booklet focuses on the processes for structuring into collectives. The transversal analysis revealed that structuration steps are not necessarily sequential, they can overlap and be complemented with phases of consolidation/erosion/recovery of the dynamics, etc. Each collective has its own specific path.

Here are a few extracts to make you want to read it :

For some organisations, consolidation mostly relies on the activities of the collective and on its structuring, sometimes very formalised. For others, the consolidation of the collective mostly relies on its ability to invent itself, to define its own path based on the various actors and activities, that are not an end in themselves but rather a means toward emancipation.

Collectives are challenged or even defeated by two recurring factors : key members’ obility and, once they have reached a certain level of activity, confrontation with the olitical sphere. Can we prepare them to be more resilient ?