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Collectives for emancipation!

« Structuring into collectives to gain power of action » is at the heart of the political vision for social transformation of the Former pour Transformer (Train to Transform) collective.

Based on the experiences of APEF, CENCA and UGPM, this booklet focuses on emancipation and presents the « liberating » benefits of collectives at individual, collective and local levels. The delicate search for a balance between individual/collective and economic/social interests is also discussed.

Here are a few extracts to make you want to read it:

Supporting population groups, mostly through individual training along with collective actions, is a learning process that promotes both individual and collective empowerment.

It is necessary to ensure that the members of the collective meet individual interests and expectations, but also that individual interest is not the main driver for engagement. Otherwise, once this individual interest satisfied, members tend to disengage, which is detrimental to the collective dynamic.