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Agroecology at the UGPM

Animation guide in agroecology

UGPM is more than engage into supporting the mastered transformation of family farms. This challenge means taking into consideration the farming identity with the rehabilitation of its core values. Among them, the relationship between human being and nature, farmer and natural ressources, are in a high position.

It is the particular duty of the UGPM to rebuild the environmental culture of the farmers and to equip the member-producers with the knowledge and the right abilities to handle agro-sylvo-pastoral economically viable activities.

The farmer organisation UGPM is engaged since the beginning of its creation, in a process of natural resources management. It, therefore, initiated several actions about the rebuilding of the ecosystem.
The UGPM initiatives in that matter are numerous. Reforestation, restoration of natural shoots, formation in agroforestry, floors regeneration, etc, are often listed as reference inside the Senegalese farmers movement

More, UGPM made it a duty to spread at a higher level in its area, agroecology.
That is why in its large groups program for revitalization, an important part is dedicated to agroecology, which represents today an alternative to climate change.

This animation guide has been made to be useful to the facilitators involved in the popularization of agroecology.
To read it in detail, you can download it here ->

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