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6 practices for supporting groups

« Structuring into collectives to gain power of action » is at the heart of the political vision for social transformation of the Former pour Transformer (Train to Transform) collective.

Based on the experiences of APEF, CENCA and UGPM, this booklet focuses on support practices. Six categories of support practices for structuring collectives have been identified :

  • community diagnosis
  • training
  • follow-up and support
  • opening up and connecting
  • funding
  • debrief/media coverage

Capitalisation makes it possible to further study the specific aspects of these practices.

Here are a few extracts to make you want to read it :

Participatory diagnosis practices - from mere meetings to in-depth diagnosis carried out by the population - are an effective tool to stimulate collectives, in order to emerge or revive.

How to combine close follow-up and more autonomy for the collective ?
How can the collective start its path towards autonomy while receiving
follow-up ?