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Coproduction process of an artisanal collection

Co-production for individual and collective empowerment

In 2019, in Lima, the association of women artisans "Talentos Artesanales", accompanied by CENCA, embarked on the adventure of co-production. The objective : to create a cultural mini-collection with the students and professors of the PUCP University of Lima.

For CENCA, co-production is a step in a broader process of supporting a group of people. The objective goes beyond the simple co-production of a final product. It is about using co-production for individual and collective emancipation.

For "Talentos Artesanales", the objectives of this work were
 To have a common tool for the cohesion, union, unity of the artisans members of the collective,
 To create an innovative and homogeneous mini-collection for all the members of the association, combining cultural tradition and modernity.

In summary, several major steps were identified in this co-production process :

For the women artisans participating in this process, the changes have been evident at the level of personal empowerment : development of new knowledge and skills, self-esteem and self-confidence in themselves and in others.

At the collective level, the co-production process contributes to the strengthening of the group, by developing unity and cohesion between the women artisans, as well as legitimacy towards external actors. More punctually, this process serves to act and to launch small awareness-raising actions on the value of handicrafts towards the Peruvian authorities.

For more information, a detailed document can be downloaded at the top right of this page, as well as here :

Coproduction of a cultural collection
Coproduction of a cultural collection


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