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An Adenya Participative initiative: Water Source Rehabilitation

The Participation Group, comprising several members of the Train to Transform collective, is tasked with overseeing a fund dedicated to supporting participatory initiatives made available to the communities and assisted by member organisations of the collective. This fund is used to finance participatory activities initiated and carried out by the communities themselves. Its primary objectives are to address specific issues affecting these communities and to experiment with alternative approaches to driving social change.

In Rwanda, specifically in the Muganza and Nyabimata sectors, the communities supported by the Community-Based Organizations (OCB) collaborating with Adenya have identified the degradation of the water supply pipes serving their water sources. This deterioration has made it increasingly difficult for the most vulnerable farmers to access safe drinking water.

In these two areas, 18 water sources were successfully rehabilitated between September 2022 and January 2023, thanks to the financial support provided by the participation fund. The Community-Based Organisations (OCBs) played a crucial role in bringing together the local communities and Adenya. They were instrumental in mobilising the fund and providing support to the participants throughout the entire process, from the initial fund presentation to the actual implementation of the activity proposed by the communities.

It’s worth noting that the individuals who participated in this initiative did so voluntarily, as the fund primarily covered the purchase of the necessary materials for the projects. The majority of participants consisted of women and young people. They observed that those individuals who already had functioning taps in their homes were less actively involved in these rehabilitation efforts. Consequently, it was the most vulnerable individuals, those most adversely affected by the issue, who took part in these collective actions.

In this video, the participants share their insights into the initiation of these water source rehabilitation projects:

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Author(s) : Adenya