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Experiment : the Tree Method with Fedina

In 2019, Fedina paired up with Frères des Hommes to test out the Tree Method.

Experiment- the Tree Method

Description of the use of this tool by the Fedina organisation - July 2019

Background : Fedina used [this method>26] to promote thought and comprehension of the link between its training programs, its goals and its political priorities.

Base issue : How could Fedina’s teaching and training methods be improved ?

Workshop 1 : values and political goals

I. The Banyan tree metaphor

 Let’s imagine that the Banyan tree represents Fedina. The roots represent the values that help the tree grow. Understanding these values is the key to understanding what Fedina is working towards. For example : One of Frères des Hommes’ values is solidarity. We often refer to it in our line of work.

  The tree trunk represents the political stance of the organisation. For example, for Frères des Hommes, the political goal could be personal emancipation, which is linked to our aforementioned value : solidarity.

  After drawing up a list of Fedina’s values, we were able to have a debate about Fedina’s political position.

  Training topics may be defined at the end of this process.

  The many branches of the tree represent the numerous subjects that Fedina touches upon, such as women emancipation. The leaves represent the different courses and activities, such as street theatres, leadership training, etc.

  We first focused upon the roots and the trunk.

II. Fedina’s values
  The first activity was a brainstorming about Fedina’s values. The attendees were asked to select 4 of Fedina’s values that were most important to them.

  Some questions to think about :

1. What do you consider the fundamental values that shape Fedina’s actions and activities to be ?
2. When talking about Fedina to your friends and neighbours, what values do you mention ?
3. Have you seen new values emerge or old values disappear over time ?
4. When working with groups, what is the main value that you feel like you are acting in regard to ?

— > Each attendee now has a list of values that they consider to be inherent to the organisation.

The following values were selected from these lists to represent Fedina, and correspond to the roots of the metaphorical tree :

 Collective negotiation
 Emancipation / Empowerment
 Critical consciousness
 Workers’ rights