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1Decide to use social transformation with populations in situations of vulnerabilities

« Social transformation that aims to reduce situations of various kinds of poverty, inequality and injustice is conducted by and with the populations in situations of vulnerabilities as a priority. »

Shared observations and working assumptions :

  • There are many situations of vulnerabilities : they may be economic, cultural, or psychological. They are the outcome of an economic and social system.
  • Several levels of transformation can be seen : individual, collective, and "systemic".
  • Social transformation involves the active and voluntary participation of the populations in situations of vulnerabilities.
  • Social transformation involves recognising the powers to act of people in situations of vulnerabilities to transform their society.
  • Social transformation involves improving the living conditions of populations in situations of vulnerabilities in a permanent/sustainable fashion.

An example of activities/actions : FEDINA in India !

"Domestic workers, textile workers, agricultural processing workers, retired people from the informal sector unite together in mutual aid groups which are formalised as trade unions. The dialogue and collaboration between the groups that Fedina supports encourages joint actions that are broader. The impact of these actions is related to the capacity to mobilise different trade unions from all sectors. "  

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